Ultimate Mage: Kami Quest is a story-oriented RPG game with focus on combat. 

The game is being developed by doujin circle "Gengakudan ⑥" and has the first episode out.


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The story tells about a young elf mage, 16-year old girl Kami, who takes part in an international competition between mages called “the Exam” in order to pursue her dream of becoming the best magical veterinerian. But regular order of competition is disturbed by a misterious mentee who turns the majority of participants into zombies! Kami tries to find out the truth about incident, overcomes challenges, grows her personality, and builds strong bonds of friendship. 

…Exept the story doesn`t tell about this at all. 

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  • Kami Quest started as a random game for experimenting with RPG Maker XP and was forgotten for a long time until suddenly emerging again
    • For this reason some characters (Maki and Khwam in particular) are very similar to default Hunter03 and Mage08 characters from RTP package
    • Some less obvious inspirations are Cleric01, Gunner01 and Thief04 characters for Willy, Genya and Welchia correspondingly
  • Kami Quest is a part of Defiverse series. Thus, some characters are connected to others from different members of series and the game`s plot is a major part of universe history

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