The Tides of War is an adventure/horror RPG game for RPG Maker VX Ace. 
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Synopsis Edit

"Peace is a way of life in the kingdom of Nautica. For years, the kingdom has been founded on the ideals of harmony among the denizens of the sea.  The values of unified peace and the ability to love whomever they wished without discrimination, persecution, or social isolation were held above anything else.  In Nautica, predators and prey could have unconventional relationships, and interspecies relationships were perfectly permissible.

A swordfish assassin who goes by the name of Percuss walks into the milieu, assigned a deadly mission by an unknown source to assassinate the Great Sea King of the tranquil kingdom.

Almost immediately, Percuss finds herself interwoven in a war, romantic entanglements and a string of shady alliances.  There’s a cloud of mystery that hangs over the past of those in Nautica Kingdom, and the members of the Deep Sea Forces, who believe that the industrialization of Nautica is against their primal instincts of all things living in the sea.  To them, species should stick to their own kind to ensure survival, and living in peace only dulls their senses and renders them useless.  Everyone Percuss meets harbors a dark and twisted secret, and it’s up to her to make sense of who is really right and wrong in this war.

A tale of war, love, and advancement vs. primal nature."

Characters Edit

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Percuss is a swordfish assassin who comes from the Deep Sea. She is regarded as the most skilled assassin, and because of her fame, she was given the task of killing off the Great Sea King by an unknown source.  Her prowess lies in agility and power.  Percuss is calm by nature, and sort of sarcastic.  She’s a level-headed and observant person, constantly learning about her surroundings and those around her.  This causes her to find out that her once perfect world has blaring flaws that she questions.  This causes her assassination mission to become more of a mission of exploration both of herself and the kingdom she once regarded as the enemy.

Fish King Angla  Edit

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Angla is an anglerfish, and adopted daughter of the Great Sea King. At first, she is thought to be male by Percuss, who accuses her of being a pervert with a harem.  She is the founder and leader of the fighting squad of mostly female warriors called the Seventh Infantry. Her refusal to sit on the sidelines made her father consider letting women have high-ranking positions in battle, and women assuming the roles of warriors.  Even though Angla has made great strides in her kingdom, she seems to be indecisive about what she wants personally, and what she should be as a princess. By nature, Angla is indecisive, down to earth, and struggles with her insecurities and choices, both as a person and a princess.

Brunhilde Edit

Brunhilde was one of the first people to join the Seventh Infantry.  She doesn’t say much and 

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 seems to be the strong, silent type.  If she ends up having a lot to say, it’s because it was important or someone had asked it of her.  Not much is known about her, but she seems to be very loyal to Angla.

Nautical Queen Cyra

Cyra is an ex-assassin from the Deep Sea who married the Great Sea King. It’s rumored that the two ran away because of their interspecies relationship not being socially acceptable. She is Angla’s mother and has two daughters, the Fish King, and Princess Otsune. She loves the Great Sea King very much, and is reserved and friendly towards everyone.  She loves the people in her kingdom and would gladly give her life for them if prompted.


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Dokuro is a Coconut Octopus and one of the newest members of the Seventh Infantry.  Despite being new, she puts up just as much of a fight as her fellow veterans. Dokuro is a happy-natured character who tries to see the good in everyone. She joined thinking that she could grow strong enough to stand her own ground so that her brother wouldn’t have to protect her so much.  She also lost her eye in a brutal incident involving a shark when she was a child.

Doku  Edit

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Doku is the only male who is in the Seventh Infantry. He’s brutal and very cold, not wasting a moment to tell anyone exactly what he thinks of them. He serves under the Great Sea King as a high mage, and adviser to Fish King Angla. He is also Dokuro’s twin brother and often mistaken for a woman due to his androgynous looks and the indistinguishable sound of his voice. He is fiercely protective of his sister, saving her from the shark that took her eye and almost dying in the process. He is very secretive and anti-social, despite anyone’s attempts to warm him up. Doku rarely smiles, and as of now the only one known to make him smile is Orca King Isatsu.


Ocra King Isatu Edit

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Isatsu is the most brutal of the group of Sea Kings. He came into Nautica’s 

aristocracy through a treaty of peace. Despite that, he hardly displays loyal behavior, mocking his allies and going against orders infrequently. He is known for being a general annoyance, bully, and sadist. His favorite person to pick on is Doku, and he even makes it a game to try and beat him up as a hobby.  Despite all of this, the orca is the strongest magic of the group of royals, possessing a special type of forbidden magic that is only used by zombies.  This is due to a curse that was inherited through his father, the infamous King Fuma, who was hated by everyone in Nautica. Isatsu had an abusive past that caused him to murder everyone in his family but his mother, who died shortly after he was born.  She seems to be the only one he cares about.

Earlkonig Edit

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Earlkonig is a massive, black sea urchin who guards the gates of Nautica, preventing invasion from outside armies.  He mostly sleeps underground and ambushes the unsuspecting with his spikes by sticking them through the ground. He’s serious about his job and proud to serve his kingdom.

Ketzel  Edit

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Ketzel is a cat shark, who serves under Shark King Oro. He’s arrogant, proud and rebellious.  His likes to go against orders, and slack off on doing important things.  This type of attitude tends to get him in trouble, as he’s slacking off more than he is doing the work he is supposed to do. His attitude is reminiscent to a typical teenager.  Ketzel is prone to acting bratty and whining from time to time, and seems to be touchy about being made fun of.  He has an unhealthy obsession with Fish King Angla.

Kodama  Edit

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A soldier for the Deep Sea who works in the small group that killed Earlkonig because they thought that his spikes granted immortality to people who consumed them. He’s level-headed and kind.

Melody  Edit

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An arrow crab who stays inside of the castle and helps guard the king, acting as his specialized task force. She’s sarcastic and friendly.

Moegi  Edit

Moegi is a Great White Shark who cannot turn into a human.  She’s helpful and sees Angla as her best friend. Moegi is happy and cares a lot for her friends. She’s terrified of Isatsu, who likes to pick on her whenever she’s in his vicinity.

Nagi Edit

Nagi is one of the members of the Seventh Infantry. She’s a sea urchin who fights with a sword. Nagi is reserved, but she likes to crack jokes every now and then. To her friends, she’s just one of the girls.

Ob Edit

Ob is a soldier for the Deep Sea, and one of the group of soldiers who defeated Earlkonig.  He’s a little skeptical about the legend of the spikes bringing immortality to those who consumed them, but supports his leader in his mission. Ob seems to be a little optimistic about the claims possibly being real.

Onco Edit

Onco is an Oceanic White-Tipped Shark, and the adviser to the Shark King. He is reserved and wise, and seems to think the Orca King is very shady. He even went as far to call him a traitor for being happy that Earlkonig had fallen in battle. Onco is very devoted to Nautica and it’s cause.

Sea Princess Ora Edit

Ora is a narwhal, and daughter of the Great Sea King. She works as a white mage in the Seventh Infantry, and is very friendly and sisterly to the other members of the team. She cares a lot about her adopted sisters and often gives them advice on their problems. Ora wants to protect her kingdom in the best way she knows how, and loves her family more than anything.

Shark King Oro Edit

Oro is a Tope Shark with many scars. He’s serious and doesn’t seem to have a wide array of emotions. Most of the time, he is found looking like he doesn’t want to exist or doesn’t want to be anywhere he actually is. He’s the best strategist in the sea, and possesses the forbidden art of controlling blood.  Oro is both the best blacksmith and best tactician int he sea.  He’s sharp-minded, and can see through lies easily. If something strange is happening in the sea, more than likely, Oro knows about it and is already suspicious.  Oro used to be a gladiator who worked for humans the majority of his life in slavery.  As a result, he has many scars that he feels are disfiguring and he tries to keep them covered at all times.  He is fiercely loyal. Oro is in love with Fish King Angla, but seems to be happy without her returning his affections.

Great Sea King Orzo Edit

Orzo is a narwhal who rules all of Nautica. He has the power to control dreams and hallucinations, and is the husband of Nautical Queen Cyra, as well as Ora’s biological father and Otsune and Angla’s adopted father. He founded Nautica so that the denizens would not have to face the persecution of being in love with others of different species. He believes in peace and the industrialization of the kingdom. Not many people know much about him and he pulls off a regal, important presence that makes him seem almost otherworldly in the eyes of the denizens.

Oscillo Edit

The brave leader of the group of Deep Sea troops who took out Earlkonig, believing his spikes would grant them immortality. Oscillo was the one to slay the urchin and deliver the final blow. He’s strong-willed and determined, but loyal to the Deep Sea.

Nautical Princess Otsune Edit

Otsune is the youngest daughter of Nautical Queen Cyra. She is an albino anglerfish who stays inside most of the time, and is very sickly.  Otsune is a kind soul, and easily worries about the terrible things that happen in the kingdom. She cares for the false sun that Doku created to provide light under the sea.

Rin Edit

An albino dolphin who is also a member of the Seventh Infantry. Rin is reserved, and the only one who physically fights without a weapon in the group besides Doku. Rin relies on her agility and speed to win her fights, and believes in the strength from within her.  She idolizes Doku’s heroism in saving his sister and feels that she can become strong like he is, despite the fact that albino dolphins are usually easy prey. Rin is supportive and quiet, and tries her best to take care of those around her.

Saxa Edit

Saxa is a spunky lionfish, and fighter in the Seventh Infantry.  she fights with a lance that can double as an automatic drill.  She also poisons her opponents with the quills on her head.  Saxa is sarcastic and fun-loving. she loves to joke around, even if her jokes tend to go a little far at times. In battle, she’s a hard-hitter and loves a challenge.  Saxa is an adventure-seeker and opportunist who just wants to have a good time, but she can be serious when she’s called to do so.

Sin Edit

Sin is an arrow crab, and older brother to Melody. He is King Orzo’s personal adviser and a workoholic. He’s often in his office, buried up to his antennae in paperwork that he’s doing for the king.

Sitar Edit

A supporting member of the group who killed Earlkonig. He’s a crab soldier in the Deep Sea, and doesn’t say much, but seems to be really skeptical of Oscillo’s quest for immortality.

Beast King Symphony Edit

The commander of the beast troops in Nautica, Symphony is a mysterious rockhopper penguin who doesn’t say much and hardly ever smiles. When she talks, it’s in a monotone voices that makes her come off as uninterested in most subjects or serious. She is regarded as Angla’s best friend, and is the best alchemist in all of Nautica.

Uranus Edit

Uranus is an albatross and personal secretary of King Orzo’s. She is often delivering important messages and items tot he royal family, and she is known to fight from time to time. Uranus is mature and responsible, and she seems to have an affinity for glamorous, rich lifestyles.

Tyrant King Fuma Edit

The former king of the Orca Kingdom, Fuma was regarded as the most evil king, and holds an infamy so legendary that people dared not to speak his name. According to here say, he would take anyone he saw as disobedient and murder them, feeding them to the kingdoms he had an alliance with.  He is the father of Isatsu and Zankou.

Prince Zankou Edit

Zankou is the younger brother of Isatsu, and potential heir to Fuma’s throne. He has a kinder nature than his brother, Isatsu and eventually fell in love with Meraco. He has a level head and he means well.

Meraco Edit

Meraco is a kind and gentle Emperor Penguin who comes from the arctic. Her favorite thing to do is sing, and she loves her boyfriend, Zankou very much.

Accord Edit

Accord is a sickle-finned lemon shark who leads the rebellion against the kingdom of Nautica.

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