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The Witch's House is a 2012 puzzle-oriented rpg horror game created by Fummy.

Synopsis Edit

The game begins with a young girl named Viola waking up in the woods. Upon trying to leave the forest, she (and the player) discover that the path is blocked by roses. Turning back, she encounters a talking black cat that suggests she enter a mysterious house up the path.

From that point on, the player must play through various puzzles in order to escape the house as well as learn the truth of the house and Viola.

Endings Edit

There are several game overs that can occur when Viola is killed by a failed puzzle or a trap, but only the choices near the end of the game effect the ending.

"Good Ending" Edit

Viola escapes the house without Ellen's knife while being chased by the legless girl. However, Viola's father comes to her aid and shoots the legless girl, claiming her to be a monster. They walk out of the forest and off-screen.

True Ending Edit

Viola escapes the house with Ellen's knife while being chased by the legless girl. This time, Viola will turn and stab the legless girl, stating that she is quite persistent. Viola then reveals that the player had been controlling Ellen. the witch, in Viola's body and that she had been destined to survive since it was her house after all. She goes on to explain how the real Viola, Ellen's former friend, had agreed to switch bodies with her "just for one day." However, Ellen had no intention of returning her body, so Viola took control of her house and used it to try and get her body back from Ellen, a plan that failed with the player's escape.

Viola's father appears and, thinking the real Viola is a monster, shoots her repeatedly. Viola's father and Ellen walk out of the forest and off-screen, but not before Ellen stops to giggle at the way things had turned out.

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