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The Doctrine of Perseverance is an adventure puzzle rpg maker game currently being developed by Nedras. It will have three playable characters, multiple endings, voice acting and 3-5 hours of gameplay. A final demo has been released as of June 19, 2016.

Story Edit

Melrose Kronholm is having her twelfth birthday. This date is coincidentally the same date when her stepmother and half brother perished in a house fire. Her new life is with her godfather, Dace, and his two adopted children, Suzetta and Silas. However, by the end of the night she makes a detrimental discovery--her stepmother's journal that had allegedly burned in the fire. The journal, titled "The Doctrine of Perseverance," leads her into the mysterious world of the Nox where she has to unravel the secrets in the cursed mansion. 

Characters Edit

Melrose Normal
Suzetta Normal

Melrose Kronholm Edit

A young yet maturing girl. Melrose has had to grow up quickly in her adolescent life. Often quiet at her

previous residence but now more than lively with her new family. Her new life with her godfather has given her a new-found confidence. 

Suzetta Fernelius Edit

Melrose's best friend and godfather's adopted daughter. She's mature for her age and acts like the eldest child among her, Melrose, and Silas. 

Silas Fernelius Edit


Dace's oldest adopted child. Silas finds peace in solitude but still is a popular kid at his school amongst his own group of friends. However, he enjoys his time with his family and is quite fond of teasing his relatives. 

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