Sleep is an RPG horror game in development. There currently is no demo out. 


 The game development has been cancelled. 

Title Screen

Description Edit

“Sleep is a RPGmaker game, about a 13 year old girl named Flora. One night when going to bed, Flora wakes up to find herself trapped in a nightmare with monsters called, Crawlers. Flora must find away to escape from the nightmare or be trapped forever.”

Characters Edit

Flora Evans Edit

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"Why is this happening to me?…"

The protagonist. A young girl who gets trapped in a nightmare.

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Maybelle Waters Edit

“Hello, Flora. Is there anything you need?”

One of the main maids of the Evans household.

Marie Nolan Edit


Marie Nolan

“Hey ya’ Miss Flora! Is there anything you want?"

The 2nd maid of the Evans household, she works as a maid alongside her older cousin, the first maid, Maybelle.

Margaret Evans Edit


Flora's Mother

..Mother’s busy right now, Flora.”

Flora's mother.


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