Sightless is an exploration based game that follows the day to day life of Sena, a genderfluid boy enrolled in a

school of magic. Despite the potential that the school offers, the town of Reverie vows never to use magic for harm, only for the good of the town’s people. It’s the perfect place to live for those seeking a place of peace….or, is it? Sometimes, things aren’t always what they appear to be…

A demo is available here.

Characters Edit


Sena Lucklore Edit

  • Our main character of the tale. Has a knack for the unusual and a cheerful disposition. Enjoys gardening more than anything in the world.

Ivan Lucklore Edit

  • Cares for Sena as both a brother and a parent. He comes off as aloof, but means well. A surprisingly good cook.

Jello Pomelo Edit

  • The person Sena knows best at the school. Friendly, but can easily jump to poor conclusions when the situation is unfamiliar.

Lucy Lophie Edit

  • Known as the (self-proclaimed) ‘Angler Down Under,’ she’s the newest member of Sena’s school. Sassy and boisterous, but seems to know more than she lets on…
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