Rhapsody Fell is an upcoming RPG Maker game in early development. It is a fantasy RPG with occasional dark themes, and the main focus is intended to be on the story, with the gameplay being quite simple and straight-forward. A short, rough demo consisting of the game’s first 40 minutes was released on October 21, 2014; there are no concrete plans for when the full game will be released, as of yet.

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The title screen for the demo, intended only as a placeholder.

The story mainly centers around Cleo, a young trans woman who returns to her home, a war-torn island, to find her missing sister. The island is mostly ruled by the Arconian Empire, which is at war with the country of Voivod, the only place on the island not under imperial control; however, two years ago, the Arconian Emperor was assassinated by a mysterious demon army, which has obviously caused further strife on the island.

Characters Edit

Cleo Andrews Edit

The protagonist of the game, Cleo is a young trans woman who returns to her home country after a two-year absence to search for her sister Ingrid, whom she presumed dead. Although much happier and more confident than she used to be, she is still shackled by anxiety and self-loathing.

Ingrid Andrews Edit

Cleo’s missing sister; she disappeared during the demon attack on the Arconian Imperial Palace, and Cleo blames herself for not being able to save her. The search for Ingrid is the focus of the game’s storyline.

Vossal Artillerix Edit

A legendary Arconian ex-soldier and friend of Cleo and Ingrid’s father. He serves as a mentor figure to Cleo throughout the game, and is the one who revealed Ingrid’s survival to her. He is stoic, straight-forward and professional, but not without a heart.

Lillian Flint Edit

A Voivodian ex-soldier, and the leader of a team of mercenaries who join Cleo on her quest. She is frequently sceptical and somewhat aggressive, but is also deeply caring and would do anything to protect her comrades.

Swan Salisbury Edit

A member of Lillian’s team, he served alongside her in the Voivodian army. Swan is laid-back, inquisitive, and something of a verbose intellectual.

Anya and Eva Hallsey Edit

A pair of conjoined twin witches, and members of Lillian’s team. Anya (on their right) is the more talkative of the two, and is kind, caring and gentle; in contrast, Eva rarely ever expresses herself and is often very blunt when she does so.

Faith Stormheim Edit

A member of Lillian’s team, and former rival to her, she is a grizzled and experienced mercenary with a snarky, deadpan sense of humour. Despite her rough exterior, she is friendly, easy-going and often insightful.

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