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“You’re no Messiah, Renn. Why bother saving humanity? Are they worth saving? Is it even your own will?”
- The game's tagline.

Restless Dreams, also knows as Project Gray, is a story-based, Lovecraftian survival horror RPG Maker game currently in development.

Gameplay Edit

Restless Dreams is an RPG Maker game with strong survival horror elements. It has four difficulty settings ranging from Casual to Survival Horror.

Combat Edit

The game features a unique combat style provided by Sapphire Action Battle script, in which the player will confront the Lovecraftian creatures in a manner similar to the classic Resident Evil game. Combats however, are optional and running away is always the best option.

Hunger & Thirst Edit

Player must be careful with their explorations as their hunger and thirst will be depleted as they walk. For example, if their hunger has dropped too much, players will lose the ability to dash.

Crafting Edit

The game has two different settings: the future and the present. In the apocalyptic future, the player must combine two or more "raw" items in order to craft survival essential items like bullets and first aid kits as they are rarely found.

Stealth Edit

The game encourages the player to sneak behind enemies rather than engaging them. Also, several enemies are impossible to defeat and thus, the player has to avoid them. Some enemies may detect the player's presence just by their mere existence if he/she is too close to them.

Plot Edit

Renn Kiriyama is an unsociable, 22 years old upcoming fighter and university student with a dark past. One night, he has a dream where he wakes up in a dark sewer inhabited by grotesque creatures. After barely surviving the dread, he meets up with his loved one, Haruka Kurashina. She tells him that the world has ended and he has to save the world, no matter what. And with that, his first nightmare ends. Little did he know, everything will end in three days.

Characters Edit

Renn Kiriyama Edit

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A 22 years old antisocial and snob person who lives away from his family for a reason. He is an expert at various combat arts and frequently participates in illegal tournaments. He doesn’t have a memory of his childhood. He also used to be a delinquent in his school days.

Likes: Rain, fighting, carrots, quiet places, Haruka, his mother.

Dislikes: His father, sweet things, the sun.

Haruka Kurashina Edit

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A 22 years old sweet and mysterious girl who often talks to herself. She doesn’t talk very much to other people despite not being a shy person.

Likes: Black tea, butterflies, fireworks, supernatural novels, her family, the world, Renn.

Dislikes: Nothing in particular.

Ryuu Tendou Edit

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A strict and cold detective who always get involved in cases that has connection with supernatural activities. His age is unknown.

Likes: Dark rooms, his job, his dog, his notebook, his trusty pen, cleaning.

Dislikes: Supernatural cases, dirty things, loud places, musics.

Kayako Shimazaki Edit

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A 22 years old paranormal expert and the owner of the Shimazaki Paranormal Investigation office. After losing her friend*, Kayako went under Shirokage’s training to be his successor. Now along with Taiga*, she runs a paranormal investigation office, hoping to find a way to save her friend. Once a cheerful, tomboyish, and upbeat girl, Kayako now is almost the complete opposite of her former self.

Likes: Coffee, the sunset, working out, calligraphy, her mentor, Yuuki, Taiga.

Dislikes: Snowfall, winter, cold places, evil, spirits, squids, December 13th ~ 14th, herself.

*Taiga and Yuuki are characters from the developer's other game, Nightmare of the Snow.

Hisoka aka Mysterious Woman Edit

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A mysterious girl that kept stalking Renn ever since he began dreaming about the apocalypse. She doesn’t seem to be a human and keep disappearing from time to time. She's presumed to be in her early 20s.

Likes: Tea, gardens, reading.

Dislikes: Unknown.

Tsurugi Edit

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The owner, barista, and the bartender of the TaiChi Breeze Bar & Coffeeshop. Calm and collected, little is known about him, except for the fact that he is always spitting out weird advice to Renn. He, Misaki, and his shop seem to be mysteriously teleporting everywhere.

Likes: Bartending, idols, his guests, tokusatsu, love-comedy dramas, cleaning his shop, jazz, lazagna, playing RPGs, his assistant, the world.

Dislikes: Cockroaches, dirty things, smelly places, Misaki's carelessness, green vegetables.

Misaki Sumire Edit

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A mysterious, loud and cheerful girl that works as a maid at the TaiChi Breeze Bar & Coffeeshop. She’s also the lifetime assistant of the owner. She also acts like a cat and pretty careless at times.

Likes: Catnip, fishes, shiny things, talking with guests, adventures, sunny days, musics, idols, the owner.

Dislikes: Cold water, disturbed while sleeping, rain, dogs.

Jiro Kiriyama Edit

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Renn’s 48 years old father and his only parent. According to what he said to Renn, his mother (Renn's) left him when he was still a child. Cold and somewhat ruthless, he is the reason why Renn left his home. He was a policeman.

Likes: His wife, reading newspaper, coffee, drinking.

Dislikes: Renn (?), Kazuma.

Mokushiro Kudo Edit

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An 8 years old strange boy that is really attached to Renn ever since he saved him. He is an orphan, thus he thinks of Renn as his older brother. Renn nicknamed him “Shiro”.

Likes: Takoyaki, octopuses, the sea, candies, bedtime stories, mangas, chocolate milk, soccer, Renn.

Dislikes: Veggies, being alone, squids, horror movies, scary-looking adults.

Kazuma Shiranui Edit

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A hot-blooded delinquent who became Renn’s best friend after they fought each other during middle school. Despite his cocky manner, he is actually nice if one befriended with him. As the time passes, he’s getting less and less of a bully (but still retains his delinquency). He has a dream of becoming a Yakuza boss of his own clan, which he planned to build alongside Renn.

Likes: Fighting, bullying*, any vehicles except planes and trains, working out, the beach, coffee, ditching classes (except Math and PE), NSFW stuff, mangas, rock music, Haruka, Renn.

Dislikes: Planes, trains, Kayako*, Taiga*, the authorities, teachers, cigarette smoke.

*During his early middle school days.

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