Pocket Mirror is a horror RPG Maker VX ACE game created by EvilHairBrush and Kiramekirai. Much like Ib and The Witch's House; it features many puzzles and a mysterious storyline. A demo was released February 23, 2014. It can be found and downloaded in English, in Japanese , in Spanish , in Russian , and in Chinese

Development TeamEdit

Pocket Mirror was developed by a team of 15 members: 5 Voice actors, aruH (Main Character), liN (Fleta), 笑いA (Harpae), Nuei (Lisette) and Shima (Strang Boy); 4 Composers, Azureflux, Trass, McMangos and yuzuki;  3 Artists, Kiramekirai (Mapping and Main art), Jess (Extra art) and Terrainakka (Pixel art), 1 Writer, EvilHairBrush; 1 Animator, Accha; 1 Programmer, Draxicor.

This team is named "Pocket Mirror Team", while the doujin software circle "Astral Shift" refers to the group created by EvilHairBrush and Kiramekirai for future projects.

In addition to this, the game's storyline and planning were carried out by EvilHairBrush and Kiramekirai. The game dev blog is well known for its secrecy regarding the game's plot, premise and characters. 

Characters Edit

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MC-Chan Edit

The main character who does not know her name. She is very kind and polite, even when shown rudeness by others. As stated by a certain mirror, she is the "fairest of them all." She explores the strange land she's been dropped into while trying to discover who she is and to keep her pocket mirror close.

Harpae Edit

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“I do wonder my dear.. What the color of your hair may be..”

Lisette Edit

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"Bring her a golden flower and its bitter petals; they too shall wither under the mad man’s care."

Princess Fleta and Egliette Edit

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“You decide… This is your own dream, is it not?”

Fun Facts Edit

  • It is canon that MC's favorite dessert is Apple Strudel (as stated in the team's development blog).
  • It is also known that MC is most likely a dog person (as stated in the team's development blog).
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