Nightmare of the Snow is a RPG Maker horror exploration game released May 26, 2015. Its sequel is Restless Dreams.

On a very snowy and dark morning, Yuuki Shinozaki, a shy middle schooler, was preparing for her trip to a farewell party of her school...but an unfortunate tragedy happened. When Yuuki was helping her friend, Taiga, to look for his lost handphone, she was taken mysteriously to a lost, dark dimension where a big, mysterious mansion existed. Yuuki didn't know...that this is all just the beginning of her NIGHTMAREs in THE SNOWy and freezing night... 

Characters Edit

Yuuki Edit


A shy middle schooler and the protagonist.

Taiga Edit


A somewhat cowardly but reliable guy. He has a crush on Yuuki.

Kayako Edit


An extremely tomboy and tomboy girl.

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