Misao is a 2011 RPG horror adventure game made by Sen.

Synopsis Edit

It has been 3 months since Misao went missing. One day, Aki, who wanted to be Misao's friend, hears her calling to her. That same day, a mysterious earthquake strikes just as Aki's classmates are talking about Misao. That earthquake teleports Aki, her classmates and her teacher to another dimension filled with monsters. From then on, Aki must gather Misao's body parts, learn the truth of Misao's disappearance and break the curse Misao has laid upon everyone.

Characters Edit

Aki Narukami Edit

"Aki" is the default name for the protagonist, though the player may choose whatever name they wish. She is selected by Misao to be the one to redeem her soul due to the fact that she had the least encounters with her and none of those encounters were negative.

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