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Midnight Rendezvous is an RPG horror & adventure game in development under Banshee Works team.

Story Edit

The final week of summer break is coming to an end. As the students begin to fill back into their dormitories, Amaka finds herself enlisted into a rendezvous with her classmates. It’s been said that Amaka hasn’t been doing too well since the passing of her mother. The rendezvous soon reveals itself to be a test of courage in the sealed off third floor of Yoyami High School. A seed of truth lays under a shroud of darkness. A truth that may be uncovered by a game, piece by piece. 

Characters Edit

Characters Description Images
Amaka The protagonist who unviels the secret of the story.
Nana Amaka's doting best friend.
Land-Lady The "scary" landlady for girl's dormitory.
Haruo Amaka's classmate and her "crush".
Ume Amaka's classmate and rival.
Shou Amaka's classmate and a friend to Ume(sometimes).
Kiyo Amaka's classmate and a wilderness survival hobbyist.
Kenta Amaka's classmate who doesn't hate people that call him "fat".
Aika Amaka's classmate who is usually seen sick.
Arata Amaka's classmate who got held back a grade.
Hayakawa-Sensei The homeroom teacher and P.E teacher who hates his first name.
?? Brings darkness to the school.
??? The one who helps Amaka.

Character Images Edit

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