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Melting Moon was originally a game made for the 2015 indie game contest. Due to technical difficulties, however, many files were lost, preventing the game from being fully completed by the contest's deadline. The creator has announced that a new version of the game is in development called Melting Moon Eclipse. The new version will feature "a lot darker, more action, more story, more exploring, better story and character designs, better everything, really. Maybe a slight graphics change in style." Melting Moon Eclipse is being developed by the small duo Nyxitia and her fiancee, TimTam.

You play as Luna Amaryllis, a morose yet kind girl who has been cursed by “Death”, and must reclaim the pieces of her heart from the underworld, and stop “Death’s Hell” from seeping into her world. 

Synopsis Edit

Version 2:

   "Cursed little girl, did you know that death stole your heart?

                                              How are you alive?  How do you exist?

                                  I thought only monsters can live without their hearts."

Luna Amaryllis, aged 18, always felt like she did not belong.  What was normal to others was strange to her, so suffice it to say, she was an oddity to everyone whose path she crossed.

One not so very special evening as she walked home from the library, she looked into the sky and noticed that the moon was melting.  Large, opalescent drops fell from the silver orb and fell into the darkness of the sea of trees below it.  Before she understood why, Runa found herself desperately trying to find that place, and when she did, all that appeared was a single, silver mirror in the forest clearing.

She approached it cautiously, and touched the cold, silver glass.  The trees around her drizzled away like melting paint, and she felt that she was sinking away into a dark pit long forgotten by the world.

When she opened her eyes, she knew she was no longer where she began.  Though she did not understand it yet, Runa had been dragged into the land of the dead, and if she could not endeavor tasks set unto her by the four horsemen who guarded the gates of Niflheim and become what she once was before the moon melted away entirely, her soul would be doomed to mortal rot and decay, and she would be trapped in hell as a ghost, a wraith, a fading memory.

Characters Edit

Luna Amaryllis Edit

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Luna is a morose, gloomy girl who many in Havenfall would say is “Cursed”, based on the seemingly paranormal incidents that appear to follow in her wake. Some would even call her a walking misfortune, and for those reasons, many people keep their distance from her.

Even though Luna has resting-funeral-face and the abnormal interests of the paranormal occult, ghost-hunting and a sometimes unhealthy obsession with video games, she is a kind person and is compassionate to the plights of others, and will go as far as she can to help them or to understand them. 


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Dead is a deity who rules over Hell and is responsible for maintaining the balance of life and death.  Dead controls the other horsemen as well as a group of spirits called reapers, but in the past Dead used to join their ranks to collect souls that had recently died.

Originally a neutral deity, Dead has since succumbed to his own desires and has fallen into chaos.  It is his wish to see Hell merged with the Mortal World, despite knowing that it would cause ‘Soul Rot’ and bring great calamity. 

When Dead attempted his task, it is said that the deity of lost souls, Iustitia, challenged him for balance, and that they destroyed each other in the fight, but with no proper deities to maintain the balance of worlds, souls became lost and Hell lapped at the edge of the mortal world, slowly eroding it.


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Ravage is the Horseman of Conquest, and the guardian of the Gates of Hell.  Like the other horsemen, he was once human, and he is the only one to still cling to his humanity.

As a horseman, he is a fierce guardian despite having only one arm (His story for how he lost it changes each time he tells it.) and utilizes hellhounds to aid him. 

Ravage himself is much like a dog - he is loyal, playful and friendly, but when it comes to fulfilling his duty or if he is provoked, he is a force to be reckoned with and can become blinded and consumed by his aggression.  

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The Fallen Priestess Edit

A girl who once served as a priestess in Lustitia’s shrine. Long ago when they still served the memory of their patron deity, a sickness overtook Havenfall, and many died in brutal savagery, including the priestesses. In death, she still guards the shrine, always watching.

Azel Edit

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Luna’s best (and only) friend since as far back as she can remember.


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Lillia Clover Edit

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She is one of two twins who runs the Seedy Leaflings greenhouse.  
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Soren Frost Edit

Soren Frost is a twenty nine year old HPD (Havenfall Police Department) detective.

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