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Masami’s Room is a story driven RPG with surreal/horror elements currently being developed by Pennyyeii

Story Edit

Masami wakes up in her room one day with no idea how she got there, as she was just at her best friend’s house for a sleepover. Venturing outside of her room will reveal that her parents and brother are both missing even though it’s dark out and the family car is in the driveway.

Walking out into the street she finds her best friend Mio being attacked by a strange creature. It’s the same story for Mio. Her family gone with no explanation. The neighbors are all missing, too. As they discover more of the dark secrets of their little town, they find a few other kids that they recognize from their school. They all band together to beat the dark forces keeping them from their families and friends.

Masami loves her family and would do anything for them.

Don’t let anything get in her way.

Characters Edit

Masami Edit

Masami is a seventeen year old bubbly girl with many friends. She can’t recall a time when she’s been sad, and because of this, her cheerful attitude is simply infectious. Those around her find it very hard to feel down. She comes from a very loving family and is very close to her parents and brother. Masami is the president of the Sports Club. She loves candy, her baseball bat, her friends, colorful wristbands and anime. She hates black licorice, country music, when she can’t get her pigtails even and liars. Her best friend is Mio.

Mio Edit

Mio is not easy to get along with in any means. She has very few people she would consider her friend, Masami being the closest by far. She hates idiots, jerks and boys. Not much is known about her besides the fact that she comes from a very successful and wealthy family. She's often seen in low spirits when not around Masami. There are many rumors about her floating around her school.

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