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Imaginary Friends is a RPG Maker horror game completed in 2016.

Synopsis Edit

14-year-old Hailey has spent her entire summer vacation alone in her room. Her mother wants her to go outside and spent time with her friends, but the problem is, she doesn’t have any. To make her mother happy she decides to join her on a trip to the super market in which they get separated and she spots a familiar looking boy in a red baseball cap.

Characters Edit

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Hailey Edit

14-year-old girl who has been spending her whole summer break in her room, since she doesn’t have any

friends. She seems to be a bit grumpy and quiet to other people and hides her true feelings inside.

Oliver Edit

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Mysterious young boy with a red cap, who Hailey meets in the “Imaginary World”. Oliver is full of optimism

and does everything to get Hailey and himself back home.

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