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Hellebore is an RPG Maker psychological horror/ surreal/ puzzle game in development.

Synopsis Edit

Hellebore is the story of Rose, a fourteen-year-old girl with surprisingly little to say. This game begins in an ordinary elevator, but at this point, the story is almost over. Who is rose, and why is she in this place? At this point, only one thing can be said for sure: How her story ends is up to you.

Characters Edit

Rose (Hellebore) Edit

Rose is a quiet 14 year old girl. Her real name is hellebore, but she dislikes that name very much. Her demeanor is often mistaken for hostility, but she is actually quite kind and gentle. She likes video games. Aster is her best friend.

Aster Edit

Aster is a 15 year old girl who is friends with everyone. She keeps herself busy with her many duties at school, like being the library aide as well as the sole member of the gardening club. She likes flowers. Aster is always calm and smiling, but hidden underneath her composed exterior are a few secrets that she can’t afford to let out.

 ??? Edit

A mysterious woman.

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