Dying Cat is an upcoming open-world turned-based, grimdark role-playing game made by Carlos Davilla, on RPG Maker VX Ace, heavily themed around existentialism, perception of reality, and the depths of the human condition.

It's currently in development and its release date is yet to be announced.

Plot summaryEdit

The game is set in Anthos, a city divided into eight distinctive districts. A strange disease called The Silence came to the city, and slowly attached itself to all its citizens. The disease itself kills a healthy person in a matter of hours and sometimes if they are unlucky enough, it transforms them into horrible abominations. Alongside it, a strange figure arrived with it. The said figure can sometimes be spotted observing various parts of the districts.

Some time has passed after that, and Anthos became radio-silent. No activity such as trains or cars can be observed leaving or entering the city.

You are The Listener, an agent of an organization universally known as The Bureau, and your superiors have recently tasked you with the mission of investigating what happened in the city and discovering the whereabouts of one of the inside informants, Roman. So, you take a train towards it.

While arriving at the train station, something attacks the railcar you're in and destroys it, making your trip a one way only.

Now the city noticed your arrival, and won't let you leave. The only thing left to do is move forward and hope for the best.

All you know by now is that Anthos probably had seen better days.


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Talking to NPCs to gain information on the occurrences of the city is essential to find certain places and unveil personal plot points.

The gameplay revolves around the basics of exploration and combat. For the most part, you'll be doing tasks for groups and certain people around the city to gain experience and collect notes, images and recording tapes to know more about the situation and advance the plot. Doing certain tasks can either increase or decrease your reputation and depending on it, certain groups, people and districts can idolize or outright ostracize you.

For combat, you have a variety of weapons (guns and melee) and items to help you along the way, but some items are really rare and everything is extremely high priced due to shortage of supplies.

Features Edit

  • 2+ hours of gameplay;
  • Open-world, not linear-based;
  • Challenging yet fair combat system;
  • Reactive Storytelling;
  • Reputation system;
  • Some original soundtrack;
  • GameJolt achievements;
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