Dolls of Rozenheim is an RPG horror game in the making. It's main theme is dolls.

About the GameEdit

“Hell is empty, and all the devils are here.” - William Shakespeare

You play as Kyrielle Lockewood, a polite yet awkward girl who finds herself at the doorstep of the Rozenheim Manor after fleeing from her family and an arranged marriage.    

Though she had heard many stories about the alleged ghosts and past murders of the Rozenheim family, she found herself drawn deeper and deeper into the manor, which was no longer burnt ruins as it had been the day before, and not quite so quiet as the grave as others had led her to believe.

It was only when she tried to leave that she realized she couldn’t – All paths led back to the manor.  Had she been spirited away by the ghosts, just like the stories said?  Trapped, she must now find a way to uncover the truth of the Rozenheim Curse, less she too end up a vengeful spirit, trapped in the Rozenheim Manor.

Characters Edit

Kyrielle Lockewood


Kyrielle Lockewood

Kyrielle was always the black sheep of her family, and to her parent’s woe, their only child.  She preferred the morose and macabre instead of a life of elegance, and enjoyed habits such as ghost-hunting and reading fairy tales instead of tea parties and fancy dinners.  When her family presented to her an arranged marriage, she ran away from home with journal in hand, eager to begin her new life with the things she loved.

Persephone Edit



Not much is known about the young woman who calls herself ‘Persephone’.  She acts as a guide to Kyrielle, giving her access to The Doll Room and speaking riddle-filled hints.  There are certain things in the manor she may request, and will give Kyrielle courage-boosting items or other gifts in return for them.  However benign her outward attentions may be, Persephone seems to enjoy watching Kyrielle go through her struggles in Rozenheim, and the other ghosts do not even notice her.  

Rozenia Rozenheim Edit

Rozenia was the last sacrifice in the Doll Ritual.  All she has left in her is vengeful anger, and is often seen wandering around the manor, laughing sadistically and delighting in the death and destruction she caused.  Though human in life, she currently is seen with a ball-jointed body of a doll, with black, thorny vines protruding from her blackened eye sockets.

Luciette Rozenheim Edit

Her cruel death created the need for the Doll Ritual.  Various hints around the manor refer to her as “The Witch”.  It seems that the ritual was imposed as a means to placate her unrest spirit.

Odette Rozenheim Edit

Odette was one of two sisters born to the past Rozenheims.  Odette’s older sister was beautiful and kind, while Odette was awkward and seen as ‘Broken’ by her family.  She was chosen from a young age that she should be the daughter to be sacrificed instead of her older sister.  As such, her family treated her with neglect and abuse, save for her older sister.  When her sister died tragically, Odette spiraled deeper into the mental illness that only her sister helped her through, becoming consumed by waking nightmares and illusions that distorted her perception of reality.  She believe that her sister spoke to her through the flowers in the greenhouse, and that by planting as many as she could, she could revive the one she loved.  She held onto that belief as an anchor until the day she was sacrificed.

Arrietta Rozenheim Edit



While beautiful and talented as a pianist, Arrietta was extremely reclusive and introverted.  She was believed to practically be a mute for how little she spoke, with most of her words being reserved for her bed-maid, May.  She was, however, a very gifted songstress and had a siren’s captivating voice, which also lulled in her early demise at the hands of the obsessive Doll Makers, who tore her apart in a fevered frenzy after they became too eager to turn her into a doll.  As a ghost, Arrietta has become extremely violent to protect herself, and believes nobody can be trusted.  Her body still reflects the damage the Doll Makers did to her, and how she sees herself; as a monster.

Violette Rozenheim Edit

Young Violette was born with a genetic condition that deteriorated her vision as she grew older.  By the time she was six, she was completely blind, and often chastised for being too clumsy and too meek.  She spent the bulk of her time tending to her five canaries and listening carefully to their songs, and soon learned how to listen carefully to the world around her.  When she learned that she would be sacrificed, she made to run away, but a blind girl escaping through freezing trees could not end happily.

As a ghost, Violette is not often aggressive, but may inflict some of what she felt as she died onto Kyrielle.

Moria Rozenheim Edit

Narcisstic and vain, her haughty laugh still echoes through the halls.  In life, Moira was the Mistress of the Manor; Wife to Magnus Rozenheim, Mother to Ludie Rozenheim.  She was as cruel as she was beautiful, and she prioritized nothing above her own looks.  The woman hated Rozenia for her youthful beauty, for how her husband doted on the wretched little creature, and would often encourage her young daughter to torment her.

Magnus Rozenheim Edit

The last master of the manor.   Magnus was a man addicted to the thrill of the hunt, the feel of power and predation, and everything in his life was a trophy.  If he could not flaunt it, he did not want it around him.  He is sadistic and cruel, a true psychopath who takes delight in the Doll Ritual not as a necessary tradition, but as life’s finest game.  In death, Magnus is seen with the decaying head of a stag, and is often followed by his two hunting hounds, who obey his every command. 

Ludie Edit

The only child of Magnus and Moira.  Though young, she is extremely Sociopathic and abusive.  In life, she would torment Rozenia by destroying her precious things, which escalated to slipping small animal remains into her shoes or bed, and eventually she snipped off the heads of the lovebirds Rozenia was gifted and left them in her blankets.  Tormenting and destroying things is a game to her, and something her parents enabled and encouraged.

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