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Project “Cherrypit” has been an ongoing effort since the idea was conceived in summer of 2013. It has gone through several changes since its creation, but the main idea remains: a school setting, a pigtailed heroine, and a whole lot of pink.

About the Game Edit

Follow the adventures of Nana and her student council friends as they defend he town of Cherry P. from no-good delinquents, corrupt adults, and the impending doom that threatens the balance of Cherry P. Junior High: a new transfer student! 

Characters Edit

Nana Edit


A cool-headed heroine of few words with a good reputation among her peers. As the student council president and guardian of Cherry P. Junior High, she and her friends protect the town from no-good delinquents, like her older sister, Lynette, and her gang: The Bruiseberries!

However, she suffers from somnambulism (sleep walking) coupled with narcolepsy (irregular sleep patterns), so it’s rare for her to ever actually be conscious during these bouts. (Ironically, bystanders claim she fights better while asleep.)

Lissa Portait Edit


The Principal’s granddaughter and Nana’s best friend. A very bubbly and charming girl whom everyone wants to love and protect. Seems like a delicate princess, but is very capable of protecting herself. She is very protective of Nana, and gets hostile when people veer too close or threaten her. 

Flan Edit


Very popular with women because of his charming and “macho” attitude. Constantly putting moves on the girls of the council (especially Nana), but the people who know him best never fall for it. He tries to be a chivalrous hero, but often needs saving himself.

Nylon Edit


A very bitter and unsociable young man who is the embodiment of teenage angst. Claims to hate his friends (but probably would’ve already quit the Council if that were the case). Gets very embarrassed and frustrated that his mother still treats him like a child.

Puni Edit


Very cheerful and positive; gives pep-talks a lot. Helps renew motivation in the group. She plays a lot of video games (particularly bl), and is very well-versed in pop culture. 

Lene Edit


Very wise and reserved. Has an ear all about the school, and knows every rumor. She spends a lot of time in the library, and gives off a sort of sophisticated charm; however, her mind is always in the gutter. 

Lynette Edit


The hot-headed and charismatic leader of the Bruiseberries; a gang of delinquent high school drop-outs who terrorize the small town of Cherry Pit. Due to the lack of a sturdy police force in town, they get away with pretty much everything; the only authority standing in the way of the Bruiseberries’ havoc is Cherry P. Junior High’s vigilante student council, led by Lynette’s younger sister Nana. The sisters get into scraps often, and with justice on her side, Nana is typically the victor (much to Lynette’s anger).

As a middle schooler, Lynette also held the title of student council president for a brief time; however, she was expelled for excessive violence after putting a classmate in the hospital. 

Pyori Edit


Lynette’s best friend and second in-command of The Bruiseberries. She is very animated and dresses strangely. Speaks in emoji’s most of the time. 

Mr. Portrait Edit

Mr. portrait2

School Principal and most notably, a portrait. He can communicate through any painting around the school. He is extremely against youth gang violence and illegal activities. 

Cadie Edit

Does not actually appear in the game, but sends letters home often. Lynette and Nana’s younger sister. Lives with her grandmother in the countryside due to health reasons. 

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