AURORA is an original adventure/horror game being developed in RPG Maker VX Ace. It is inspired by the Japanese horror game Ib, Alice Mare and the abstract game Yume Nikki.

"At the age of six Aurora hit her head and fell asleep. Unfortunately she never woke up. She had never understood anything the people around her where saying, the only thing she could make out was the lovely fairy tales her mother told her every morning. Though it seemed that, as the years passed, the girl grew restless and as everyone caring for her fell asleep. Her eye’s still shut tight, she got up, and wondered through a world made up of curiosity and the unknown things yet to be discovered.

Sleep well dear child, may you find the truth."

Characters Edit

Aurora Edit

Aurora, the quaint MC of this game. She’s always seen with her eyes closed and only speaks through strangely spaces out ellipses, those in-game understanding her, as the player can not. She’s about 16 years old and is trapped in a coma for what seems to be the entirety of the game, apparently “Falling down the stairs and hitting her head” when she was about six years old.

Oliver Edit

Oliver, a small albino boy found in the middle of the games demo. He seems to talk a lot and can understand what Aurora seems to be saying, usually loosely  translating for her with his response. Oliver also seems to grow easily flustered and is usually red in the face.    

Ace Edit

A short curious boy with "dead" catlike eyes who pokes fun at the player with some antagonistic tendencies. He always looks like he has some sort of ulterior motive for all of his actions in mind. Overall good, but shady looking guy.  

Fun Facts Edit

  • Oliver is in love with ponies, his one true dream is to live in a pony ranch somewhere off the coast of Florida.
  • Aurora loves that bacon candy that no one likes
  • Oliver just loves peppermint
  • After a series of jokes between the programmer and illustrator, Aurora has it’s own Otome game, there is rumor of a second one.
  • Ace has a rare group of genetic disorders called "muscular dystrophy"
  • Oliver is anemic 
  • Aurora is french
  • English is Aurora's second language

Quotes Edit

  • “Do you really wish to find the truth?"
  • “It's all smokes and mirrors buddy.”
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