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Abigail Fortune & the Scarlet Fairy is a game in development for RPG Maker MV. Inspired by such series as Lupin III and LiEat.

Synopsis Edit

This game tells the story of a modern day gentleman thief.

Characters Edit

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Abigail Fortune Edit

The protagonist; a pompous, confident lady, and the “world’s most wanted” gentleman thief. Always beckoning her arrival with a calling card, she promises to steal her victim’s “greatest treasure”... and has never failed so far. She has arrived in the small town of Rotberg in southern Germany, after the town hidden bounty.

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Franz Dittmar Edit

The deuteragonist, a young boy from Rotberg who gets mixed up in Abigail’s adventure. While fairly shy and timid, it seems he is more important to Abigail’s - and everyone’s - goals than he even knows…

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Cynthia Masefield Edit

A British Interpol agent who has been chasing Abigail for years. Is assertive, driven, and truly a force to be reckoned with. Works alongside Neil, who is actually her superior.

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Neil Morgan Edit

Cynthia’s superior, an inspector who has chased Abigail for a long time, but not as long as his subordinate. While his motives for catching Fortune are less personal, he is an incredibly powerful mage who controls the Gauntlets of Astrape and Bronte.

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